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Your order sumitted successfully, we will contact you very soon Pls introduce us to your factory about this coming inspection/audit So factory will more cooperate with us to schedule the inspection

Order Process

Inspection standard Price
*Man-day:1 inspector check for 1 day
*Special products inspection include:

1. This is the Mininum charge for 1man 1 day, not selling for half day or hours job.
2.This is All Inclusive price include Transportation fee,Food cost without other charge
This cost not include Bank handle fee, When you pay pls add the related bank handle fee
3. 1 inspector 1 day can only visit and check in 1 factory 1 place, can not visit 2 or more factories.
4.We not accept any payment from supplier/factory In case of any bribery,
5.Payment term: 100% Paid before inspection date
6.Cancel Audit:
Cancel Audit 24hours before, refund full received amount,
Cancel Audit at audit date, will not refund payment
7.Order time:
Pls order audit 3-5days in advance; Oversea countries or Remute cities pls order 5-7days in advance.
We refund back your audit cost if you not happy
We pay Max 2 times audit cost if it's our audit fault.
AQL and Inspection samplling size which we follow
What is your gurantee:
We refund back your inspection cost if you not happy
We pay Max 2 times inspection cost if it's our inspecton fault.
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Our Official Bank Account:

Paypal: Info@inspection.com.cn
Payoneer: Elson@inspection.com.cn
Order & Pay via Alibaba: https://bdinspection.en.alibaba.com
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Bank account: 001337007(USD, HKD, CNY)
Branch Code: 478
Swift Code: DHBKHKHH
DBS Bank Code: 016
Benificiary Bank Address: 16th Floor, The Center, 99 Queen's Road Central, Central, HK
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Company name:BD inspection

Receiver:Elson zhou


Address: Room1502,Baoyunda Logistic Info Building Bao'an ,Shenzhen China. 518102

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地址:中国深圳宝安西乡宝运达物流信息大厦 1502房

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